Frequently Asked Questions

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I currently have car insurance
I have multiple drivers to insure
When I submit an auto insurance quote form, what happens next?
When you submit a quote form for auto insurance on our site, you will be contacted by multiple auto insurance companies or agents who compete for your business.

How is my auto insurance rate determined?
Many factors are used to determine your auto insurance rate. Some of these factors could include: the state you live in, your age, driving record, claim history and/or the type of vehicle insured.

Could my rates be affected if I buy directly from a carrier rather than an auto insurance agent?
Yes. If you buy auto insurance from an agent, the agent makes independent decisions based on the cost of the product, commissions and other expenses. Your best bet is to buy auto insurance directly from a carrier.

How soon can I receive coverage?
The answer to this depends on the auto insurance company you choose; some auto insurance companies may take up to 30 days while others can provide coverage immediately. For companies that offer immediate coverage, you will typically be provided with a temporary insurance card and will then mail your permenent insurance cards.

How can I submit my payments?
Most auto insurance carriers allow you to make payments via: phone, website, automated payments, mail or even text messaging.

What forms of payments are accepted?
Most auto insurance companies allow you to make payment using your personal or online check, credit card, electronic funds transfer and some even accept PayPal.

Are discounts available?
Most auto insurance companies do offer a wide-range of discounts depending on your current situation. Just a few discounts auto insurance carriers may offer include: multiple policy discount, multi-car discount, being a good driver, vehicle safety features (seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, etc.), good student discounts and many more! Make sure to ask each insurance company you speak to about all of the discounts they have available.

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